Devlog 1: Unreal port in progress

I didn't really have the energy to take part in the second E1M1 game jam, so I finally decided to start porting Something in the Water to the Unreal Engine!

Latest progress...

  • Player can look
  • Player can move
  • Player can carry weapons
  • Player can cycle weapons
  • Player can attack
    • Melee (hitscan)
    • Ranged (hitscan)
  • Player has weapon sprites (Shiv)
  • Weapons can have sounds (Shiv)
  • Weapons can animate (Shiv)
  • Player has a basic HUD

I started by using version 4.27.1 with the First Person Template as a starting point. I quickly threw away all of the models, animations, audio, shooting code and VR support before implementing my own assets from the RGM release of Something in the Water. I then began coding essentially from scratch.

After the first week I had basic movement, hitscan shooting, weapon selection and a basic HUD.

Thoughts so far?

I've been getting some help from my pal, Hristo Enchev (whom I worked with on Ident) to improve my very basic blueprint use with something more forward looking and cleaner. So while things have been taking me longer than I'd like, I feel like it's a good investment for the future - namely in creating a better base for ND2.

So what's next?

I'll be adding weapon audio, giving the player the concept of health and adding pickups.

If you'd like to discuss this project, then you can head over to the Noonan Design Discord here:

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Should have another devlog up soon!