In Bad Juju, you must run the gauntlet, wasting all in your path. Collect gems to use your mystical Juju abilities to slow time, increase your power and gain the upper hand over your enemies.

Keyboard & Mouse

Mouse cursor - Aim
Arrows or WASD - Move
(Hold or Tap) Left mouse button - Shoot
(Release) Left mouse button - Reload & Attract Juju
(Hold) Right mouse button - Use Juju
1 - Pistol
2 - Shotgun (beta)
3 - Uzi (beta)
R - Restart

Some weapons are marked "(beta)" as they were not a part of the original scope of the game and were added after the fact for fun, and as a result may have some bugs/balance issues.

"this feels great" - Mark Brown, Game Maker's Toolkit
"this is sweet" - Danny O'Dwyer, Noclip

Originally made for the Game Maker's Toolkit game jam with the theme; "dual purpose design". #gmtkjam

Known issues:
On occasion, the shotgun can sometimes make enemies become invincible - there is no known work around and I haven't got to the bottom of why this happens :|

Development time: 48 hours
Engine: Construct 3
Other tools: Adobe Photoshop, LabChrip

Developed by @SeanNoonan for the 2017 Game Maker's Toolkit Jam.

Cyborg Ninja Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Tools used:

  • Engine: Construct 3
  • Art: MS Paint equivalent within engine
  • Audio: Adobe Audition, LabChirp, BFXR

Development log


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I still remember this game from the first GMTK gamejam.

very impressive only issue is the weapon balancing, the uzi is too op.

Ah yeah, the Uzi and Shotgun were added afterwards for fun :)

its cool your still active on your older itch games


Freaking amazing.


Amazing game! Its super juicy with a perfect screen shake. Some games make their screen shake so much that it interrupts the gamplay but not this! Love it. 


I love this game! at first i didn't know i was able to change weapons or slow time, and it was a lot harder!


This game is a lot of fun, and I like how you are (theoretically) able to beat it without even once slowing time. But if you go this route, the boss fight will be almost unbeatable, since the particles are never removed.


I like how i've been able to progress and learn while dying in this game.


This game is tons of fun. Amazing job.