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My interpretation of World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. for the Mapcore monthly Discord challenge. A post mortem write up will follow the release.

It's a time trial FPS where the goal is to reach the end of the course finding all golden coins and all 8 hidden red coins in the fastest time possible.


You can find more information on the game, chat or ask questions over on the Discord here: http://discord.noonan.design/

This microgame was released on March 10th, 2020 for free


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The Super 1-1 Challenge (v1.04) [Win64] 184 MB
The Super 1-1 Challenge (v1.03) [Win64] 169 MB
The Super 1-1 Challenge (v1.02) [Win64] 170 MB
The Super 1-1 Challenge (v1.02) [Win32] 149 MB
The Super 1-1 Challenge (v1.02) [Linux] 166 MB
The Super 1-1 Challenge (v1.01) [Win64] 169 MB
The Super 1-1 Challenge (v1.00) [Win64] 131 MB

Development log


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I'm very late to the party :3 but it was very fun to try it out! thx

Is it possible to play this game on Chromebook?

Honestly I have no idea. It's free so you could just try it :)

Deleted 225 days ago

Not currently, but I could look into that for a final patch!

Deleted 225 days ago

It'll be in the next update!

Deleted 225 days ago
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It's on the way! 

(sorry it took so long)!

Não estou conseguindo executar o jogo, na hora aparece uma mensagem me ajuda por favor

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Make sure you unzip the project. Also you need to make sure you are running on a machine with a dedicated graphics card.

This should be a full game but nintendo should not be greedy.


I did it in 15 seconds




i would 100% buy this if it was a full game nice job man


I can't find the secret level  please someone help me TwT

Deleted 118 days ago

What is that? Is this part of the level walkable or not?

It is not - it was going to be though...


The linux version is crashing on pop! os. Getting segmentation fault

While there's a Linux version available, unfortunately I cannot support any issues with it as I don't have access to Linux tools :(

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I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I have also been stuck on just 88% of all coins and I whole heartedly believe they are on the other side of the end of the level in the area I can't figure out how to get to. any hints would be awesome
Edit1: Found the last of the coins for a total of 100% for whole game, please make other worlds/levels I'd pay for it


this is a real nice game :)
I have seen the other Island at the flag, and also the mole, but I dont know how to get there and shooting the mole doesnt help.
Any hints you can leak? Or is it not meant to be explored?


This is such a fun wee experience, kinda split me a bit thinking, would it be better with a Mario fps or a Quackshot FPS, you already have the plungers :) 

Hay alguna possibilidad de que hagais todos los niveles del mario?


Unlikely. I will support this release up until a point, but I am working on new projects now :)


Did you work alone on this or did anyone help?

Just me :)


tenra mucho exito he hecho un video para mi canal para que mas personas lo conozcan i juegen :)


Much appreciated :)

Me gustaria que hicierais muchos mas niveles me a encantado mucho apollo


any chance on releasing a Linux version?


Planning on this - it's just a little more in depth than I first realised!


It's now available!


please keep working on this and add more to it

I have a plan for the next patch. It's still just bug fixes. Maybe something fun. We'll see!


Any chance on making the Ultrawide resolutions Horizontal+ instead of Vertical-?

I will be doing this for the 1.03 patch :)

Out of curiosity, do you happen to have a title card or something for this? Looking to put something up for the image in steam. I'll probably whip up something of my own to put on in the meanwhile, I'll comment again here if I do for anyone else who'd want it! 


This is all I have right now.

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I finally found that last red coin, that was cruel XD
PB was 14:13

Game looks beautiful and controls pretty tight, good work!

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I'm upset at that last red coin! AAARRRH! Good game though! Had a lot of fun! 


plz for the love of god make a second one or just a second map or something this was so fun but ends so quick plzzzzzzzzzzzzz great job man 


Can't play as im on mac but i saw a video and you did a amazing job on this game


I will look into making a Mac OSX port. I just won't be able to test it...

I'm playing it on a Mac. You just need to install Windows with Bootcamp.

As I stated in a previous comment, I looked into an OSX port, but it was simply too much work right now. As the previous commenter says, running on Windows via Bootcamp will be your best bet. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Well done Sean.  I stream a lot of Mario and Doom on Facebook, and as of recent I've been throwing Super Mario mods on custom Doom levels.  Something like this is EXACTLY what I was looking for when I started.  Absolutely incredible, and will help fund if necessary for a full project.  Feel free to reach out at any time.


Simplemente..... Hermoso




Is there a Mac or OSX version in the works?

Unfortunately I have looked into this and it isn't quite as simple as I first thought, sorry but I won't be supporting OSX anytime soon.

Really sad that my Samsung HMD Odyssey+ cannot show the image. Only sound can hear. Wanna try it badly!! Anyone can help?

par cuando sacan para pc de 32bit

I'm still trying to find the 8th Red Coin. I've found 100% of the enemies and coins, the game says, but that 8th Red Coin eludes me.


That's amazing! I can't donate right now (unemployed), but I'll definitely support in the near future. Congratulations


Save your money! Hope you enjoy the game and good luck on the job hunt!


we will donate, we wont save money

pero sabado o domingo

 hola mi pc no me agarro porque el juego es para pc de 64bits y mi pc es de 32bits ese juego no se poner para 32bits


I'll see if I can get a 32 bit version uploaded for the weekend :)


Good news, I have a 32 bit version ready to upload as part of the 1.02 patch :)


Fun game, now famous in France too !



Hey Fun Game +1

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download this immediately before it get sued!!!


Cool and good. Extremely Duper Juber real Awesome!!!

Fun game that seems cool to speedrun. My best time so far is 00:16:96.

My best time so far is 13:01

Bro, how did you beat this game so fast? My record is 23:53.

I got a 12.88 :^)

Brooo... How??

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