v1.05 out now!

Happy #MAR10 day once again!

To celebrate, I have released an update to The Super 1-1 Challenge. While light on new content, it's a huge visual overhaul, and also features a more robust and optimised codebase.

I've also put up a more representative trailer!

Fixes and features in v1.05

  • Updated project from 4.26 to 4.27
  • Significant project cleanup
  • Added some new coin locations
  • Updated all models, animations, textures, effects and materials
  • Added foliage in the form of grass tufts, small rocks and other small details
  • New and improved water (!)
  • New and improved sky (!)
  • Fixed numerous LOD's
  • Fixed a bunch of shadow issues
  • Fixed depth of field
  • General performance improvements
  • Improved character controls
  • Additional game options
  • Added mouse control to in-game menus
  • Made trees "fun" :D

As with the last patch, there's only a Win64 available. I will make future platforms available in a following patch once I've collected all the feedback from this release.

Again, no news on the VR version...

Please share with your friends and drop by the Discord - I'm open to feature requests!


Thanks for playing, and enjoy MAR10 day!


The Super 1-1 Challenge (v1.05) [Win64] NEW! 530 MB
Mar 10, 2023

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