New gameplay video!

Sorry, it's been a little while. Here's a little taste of where I'm at with the 1.05 update...

More soon!

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Don't know if that's new to specifically that version but I feel the dash ( "-" ) next to Damage, Health and Super is confusing. I feel like it's probably meant to denote a list but it looks like a "minus" instead, as in "Health removed", "Less damage".

My ideas for solving it :

- Make the list appear left with the dash to the left

- Make the list a collection of icons that appear at the bottom left (aking to where weapon selection is shown in tradition FPSs) (maybe some colored squares looking like SMB3 color blocks with a heart for health, fireball for damage, mushroom for super) with maybe the box getting smaller and hiding the text but the icons lingering and staying in the corner as long as you got those

The second idea is obviously a lot more work and was just an idea I wanted to share about how I'd love to see it was it an official release, so I don't expect you to actually put in that much work for such a minor feature !

Oh, that was a mistake - wasn't meant to be visible. Sorry about that!

However, it might be fun to show something visual to show your current "strength". Currently, your overalls change from brown, to red, to white. I think both brown and white look bad though, so I'll probably just leave it as red and not draw any attention to that :)

Ahah then I was lucky to see it :) Yeah overall that'd be a nice touch ! ;)