In SCALD, you must collect as many gems as you can. Avoid the fireballs and don't fall into the lava!



Left / Right Arrows or A / D - Move
Up Arrow or W or Space - Jump
Down Arrow or S - Crouch (?)
Escape / P - Pause
R - Restart


Dpad Left / Right - Move
A Button - Jump
Dpad Down - Crouch (?)
Start - Pause
(Hold) L &R - Restart


Originally made for the 1 hour game jam with the theme "the floor is lava". I have since patched and updated the game.

Original development time: 3 hours (yes, I went over, but it's been a while, okay?)
Engine: Construct 2 (later Construct 3)
Other tools: Adobe Photoshop, LabChrip


Developed by @SeanNoonan

Development log


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This is a really nice game!

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This is very impressive for 1 hour of work! The polish is there for sure, the game has real potential! 

Well done!