SCALD 1.1 Update

Eagle-eyed players may have noticed a couple of differences in the gifs advertising the game and the game itself. This is because the gifs are of the new update... and it's out now! You can play it here.

1.1 Changelist

  • Added alternate in-game controls (WASD / Space bar)
  • Added alternate game start keys (Enter / Space / E)
  • Added ability to restart at any time (R)
  • Slowed movement acceleration down (allows for better control on platforms)
  • Added crouch(?)
  • Added a couple of new particle effects
  • Added different sound effects for different deaths (lava, fireball, bounds, etc.)
  • Made the N.D logo spin...
  • Removed unused assets

Thanks to those that provided feedback so far. I'm always interested in hearing what players have to say.


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