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very fun, hope the unreal remake goes good

I played it with RGM Next with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and it loosk awesome!


Are you planning on releasing a post-jam version?

I am indeed! I'm working on a remake in Unreal Engine. There's also a chance I go back and fix one or two quality of life issues in the original, but that's quite low priority right now.


Great game mate


How did you make the enemy sprites, by hand? Also, how do you get custom weapon sprites in raycasting game maker?

Yes, I just made everything by hand. 

do you just replace the weapon sprites in the raycasting game maker 5 files? because I tried it before and nothing happened

I believe I did. I stuck to the exact same dimensions and filetypes.


much graphics, much nice sprites, much gore, wow


Hi Sean,

So I commented about a year ago, asking if I could include your game as an example in a tutorial guide I was creating for the Raycasting Game Maker. Work on the tutorial was on an off over the past year, but I'm very happy to say it is finally complete. 

Something in the Water was featured several times in screenshot and video examples for several features and engine tricks, so I wanted to thank you again for allowing its inclusion.

Here is a link to the finished guide:


Ah this is great. Really nice job with this!


great game! really enjoyed it

1st level was kind of confusing for me, but i liked it's old-school unforgiveness after all. 3d level was my favorite, had to check every corner to proceed further struggling with the tension of environment but beating it was indeed very enjoyable. 4th lvl and it's boss made me worry that it was a regular enemy of this level, so right when i thought it was pretty unfair the game already ended lol

Can you do custom sprites for my FPS game on commission?

Sorry, no time right now.


An awesome game! =)


DOOM + Horror Game = This! ^


Hey, really nice looking game!

I'm currently making a web player for RGM games - can I use your game to debug and show my project to public as a playable sample?

Oh hey, that sounds great! Will it support itch embeds?


I will dig up about it.

By the way, i've made it to a solid playable state - you can check it out at (can be loud - didnt implemented settings yet) - feel free to leave a suggestion 

It looks like the levels are all flipped! Not game breaking but some of the signs don't make sense and some textures don't work well (like the fake doors in reception). Nice and smooth though!


Something seems weird here...something about the water...something in it maybe....something...

Sorry you had those mouse issues, for anyone else having mouse issues...

If you’re having mouse issues when running your game, right-click the game application in your file explorer, navigate to compatibility and select Change High DPI Settings. Once here, you’ll need to override the high DPI scaling behaviour caused by the application.

Hey there.
I'm putting together a tutorial for all the ins and outs of how to use the "Raycasting Game Maker," and I wanted to ask if I could use your game as a visual example?

I'm working on both a written tutorial and a video version.

Sure, go ahead!

Thanks so much!


Can I ask, what did you do to get the shading or light falloff effect for this game working? I can't seem to find any switch or option in the RGM software that affects that.

Extremely impressive visuals, by the way. Quite inspiring. I'm looking to have my first game be built in RGM, since most of the work is art creation and level design.

It's this option here!

Thanks for playing and I'm glad my work somehow inspired you :)


Really needs a way to set screen size and mouse sensitivity other than those issues its been pretty good so far 


I had some movement problems in the game, caused me to rage, meaning GREAT content 👍 Its a love hate thing, VERY HARD 

Make the mouse movement not stutter when you move it too fast, add an attack button onto the keyboard layout, list the alternate keybindings for keyboard, and make the map not mirrored (turning left is actually a right turn on the map) and you've got a really damn good microgame!


Really loved this one. Great story and good jump scares!

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good and hard


The game's pretty decent and a nice homage to the Doom/Wolfenstien style of games. You did note most of the known issues I was going to say. Though I will ask for a true full screen.

Other then that, it's not bad

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


Possibly the best death animation in the jam? I loved this , if you made an entire game I would play it in a heartbeat :)

How do i decrease sensitivity? with just a small movement of my mouse, i do a 360 degree turn

If you’re having mouse issues when running your game, right-click the game application in your file explorer, navigate to compatibility and select Change High DPI Settings. Once here, you’ll need to override the high DPI scaling behaviour caused by the application.


For me its the opposite issue. The game barely registers my mouse at all and hardly moves no matter what I set my sensitivity to. Overriding the high DPI scaling behavior does nothing to fix this either. I would use the keyboard controls if I could but pressing mouse 1 is the only way to attack so it requires me to reach for my mouse whenever I want to attack which is annoying. 

I'll setup controls for a keyboard only version once the E1M1 jam is over.

It *is* over.

I have the exact same problem.


This is an absolute home run


Very nice, quite moody with the sounds and graphics. The chosen locales and variety in textures really makes you forget how flat and boxy this engine is. The boss feels a lil bit nerfed though.


Oh man, I loved this so much. You squeezed absolutley everything you could out of this engine. The tone and overall atmos were just top notch. Gave me them sweet Condemned vibes.


I was really excited to check this out! You did great! I still have to sit down and work my way through but the art looks awesome and the panic to find your first weapon is intense. 10/10.

Great job! - Pep