The end of day two, and the compo

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, my Ludum Dare entry, "Rebel Call".

Play it now!

I'm not really sure what genre it fits into; stealth/adventure, perhaps? But it's a simple little top down game set in an authoritarian city. Your job is to spread the word and fuel a rebel uprising to smash the state. By revealing your identity as a rebel, you are exposing yourself to the authorities. Here lies the complication; the citizens are fickle souls, and if you don't keep them reassured, they will turn you in to the state. Therefore, your mission is to spread the message with all of the citizens in a district without any losing faith in your message.

Here's a video of one of the (two) levels:

I feel like I came really close to achieving the visual style I was aiming for. I definitely wanted to do more, and had started some more dynamic artwork, but time wasn't on my side. Not a bad go at it though. I'm also super happy with how the audio turned out. It's not really my field, but I had a blast working out different methods to either synthesise or record sounds. You'll be able to see some of my process in a couple of days once I've had a chance to process the time lapse!

I'm really tired and getting the game uploaded in time wasn't easy. If there are a lot of bugs, I apologise. I have a super busy week ahead so I might not be able to fix any issues for a couple of days. Here's hoping everything is okay...

I imagine that there will be some menu bugs if you spam keys, and I think the gamepad controls might cause some issues. But at least they're there as an option.

Unfortunately I ran out of time to add the tutorial and objective screens - if there's much interest (or related feedback) I'll come back to this and implement the assets seeing as I've already built them in my mockups.

If there's much interest, I will write up a post jam task/wish list.

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