Jack B. Nimble Release Date

Jack B. Nimble is coming to Steam on July 24th, 2018. It’s so exciting to finally release Jack B. Nimble on the leading PC and Mac gaming platform. It feels as though it legitimises the game somewhat. Now I am aware that getting on Steam isn’t the hurdle it once was. However, I got through before the barrier was merely “having cash”, so the achievement still stands.

Public Relations

Unfortunately I’ve not done a great deal of PR on the run up to release. This is partly down to project fatigue (remember, I released the original iOS version 4 years ago), but mostly due to my fear that I simply can’t stand out amongst the mountains of competition. I’ve got a small following that consists mostly of other developers (who are awesome) but not consumers or influencers.

Speaking of which, I would appreciate any retweets and likes on the release date announcement tweet. It’s the only form of signal boosting I have, as I’m continuing to stick to a zero dollar marketing budget.

Curator Connect

One nice benefit Steam has over the AppStore is Curator Connect. This is a system that allows developers to send codes to approved Steam Curators. This allows developers to share their games with less chance of scammers trying to half inch a free game. It’s not perfect, but it’s a good start. Far better than just hoping for the best when sending keys to dubious emails (this has happened to me twice this week). I have started a Twitter thread to highlight key scammers and offered a solution to the issue here.

I’ve sent out a large number of curator copies to Steam Curators and I thought I’d share some early results. Of the keys I sent out, 55% have been claimed by Curators and of those, roughly 10% left a review. It’s not a huge hit rate, but it’s better than nothing. I’m hoping some of this will lead to captured footage, as it will help when I make my next devlog...

Fingers crossed the release goes well...

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