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"Agent Wells, it's time to prepare for your most dangerous and critical mission yet.

At 0600, your colleague and mentor Agent Cross, powered up the Time Interval Device and made an unsanctioned jump into the distant past.

Her motives are unclear, but given her combat skills and precognition, she could irreparably alter the course of human history, in direct violation of the Institute's pursuits.

Your mission: to find and eliminate Agent Cross, wherever and whenever she may hide.

To avoid exposing past humans to our advanced technology, you must deploy unarmed and scavenge equipment on-site.

We have every confidence in your success, upon which our continued existence depends.

Good luck, Agent. Commencing time-jump in 3... 2... 1..."


Move [W,A,S,D]
Look [Mouse]
Fire [Left Mouse]
Reload [R]
Use [E]
Weapon Change [Mouse Wheel]
Weapon Slots [Number Keys]


The Interval was made in 2022 during the month of May for the first Reload Magazine Game Jam.


StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
AuthorSean Noonan
GenreAction, Shooter
Tagsefpse, First-Person, FPS, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Time Travel


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how to run i can only move why


Came here via @Zlimbratski. Sci-fi silliness of TimeSplitters meets old school Wolfenstein 3D gameplay.  Really enjoyed my time spent chasing down Cross and will definitely keep an eye out for future updates.

I tried to play through carefully so as to never shoot an unarmed man. Well, except for those couple of times I did by accident... with the Trench gun! Brutal and compelling.


Great game! I just wish it was longer.


I still have plans to extend this, but don't have the time right now!


Great! Sometimes I wonder what if The Interval was released back in 1993.


Great game. Love the art and the humorous mood, and the gameplay is solid!

You could have some more levels (old west, medieval castle, a space station etc.), and you have one fun little retro shooter with a distinct art style. Cheers!


Love itt!! I always play it when I have nothing to do during computer science lessons. Great game!!!

Thanks for playing :)

is there a way to invert mouse-y? i have fallen from god.


Unfortunately, I don't believe there's a way to do this in the engine :(

oh whoa, had no idea there was that kinda limitation!

fair enough then, i will endeavour to come back into the light.


I must say, I really enjoyed the level in the Somme! The premise and level design really drew me in as well.

while not unplayable in 21:9, the gun sprites are almost entirely off-screen (you can't even see your fists and can only see the very end of your pistol's barrel for example) and i believe the cutscenes are messed up in my aspect ratio as well. I understand not wanting to bother with "niche" resolutions like 2560x1080 just for an indie game, but at least making the game play at 16:9 with letterboxing instead of stretching would be nice 

(1 edit)

It's just not supported by the engine, unfortunately.

Edit: I do have plans to move this to another engine that does support this.

Oh, thanks a bunch


Man this game is fun. what engine does it use?


Easy FPS Editor, aka "eFPSe".


I'm jealous of your game's art.



The game is fun, I just wish that the game application had an icon that has to do with the game from then on everything is fine.

Very good old-school. I like it!


This was amazing, super difficult but beatable against bad odds somehow, really really looking forward to the next part!


We're starting work on it soon :)

Very nice, but till a bit rough around the edges. A dedicated quick save button would be appreciated.


it has that. press F5 to quicksave, F9 to quickload.


Do you plan on releasing a "full" version of this game?


I plan on finishing it, yes. There will be two more levels as well as a number of fixes here and there. Not sure when though!


amazing game! love it!


Well done! Art, sounds, humor, level design, story... all is great =) Great game!


Man you did a great job, love the game really. Congratulations!


I had been waiting for this and man it's amazing! Hopping thru time from the Cold War to WWI and wherever else is a great idea for a retro shooter like this, with lots of opportunities to showcase different, albeit pixelated, scenery. 

Everything feels great from the movement to the animations, and I love the artwork/models. Too bad the save system is janky-- but I know that's a quirk of this engine so no big deal. Great job!

cool fun retro shooter!

Quite a decent stuff. Really liked the style and how consistent it is.

Absolutly fantastic game!!  10/10


YES vary interested in this ^_^ bookmarking the page 

(1 edit) (+1)

Where's the download link?


It's not out yet... should just be a day or two :D