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Me ha encantado. GRACIAS!
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Honestly this has got to be one of the best pieces of Mario fan content almost look and feels official!


I’d like to suggest a 1-2 if possible! Great game and a great time!! 


Sorry but I can't stand the motion blur. 

Awesome idea ruined by motion blur. 


You can turn it off in the options. 


Mario WiTh GuN


well someone had to  give him one


true 💀💀


It is very interesting to play in this perspective, nice game


Hello Sean , how its going the summer?


good game

i can only find 6/9 red coins and i've looked EVERYWHERE, i can see some further level geometry in the distance but idk how to get to it: help?

Great game!

wish the game is longer, but other than that, it's AWESOME!!!


is summer!!!!!!!


(the game pls)



this is why i want a windows system

me too

How you are my friend?

Okay, been making some notes about a potential next patch. Not sure when though!

Always love a good mario game =) ha a lot of fun! Left a follow an keep up the amazing work!!!

Sean, is my final question , when you launch up the mac version?

Thanks for all. 

Bye Bye.


Didn't get a chance this weekend. Sorry about that.

No worry.

Are you good Sean?

Yeah, just about recovered now. COVID is the worst!

I'll look into a Mac version over the weekend 😉


mac version?????

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I'll look into this shortly - still getting over COVID. Can't be certain that I can support it though!

Thanks and sorry for my incoveniences.

But please, do it quickly!


sic, i would love to see more levels lol

While it's not likely I'll add more levels, I will continue to improve what's there. And I do have plans to release a sequel of sorts sometime in the future.

Nintendo are sending an ICBM to the Dev's home.



Why not point out that the Linux version is exclusively for 64 bit systems?

The Linux version was untested and added as a goodwill gesture to people that asked for it. I'll make that clearer in future (if I do another Linux version).

the update needs to be connected to the lyunx updates


this was so much fun you did a fantastic job but i do have a feeling there's a secret area cause i looked everywhere for the last red coins and plus i saw a sign over in another area i couldn't get to but there probably isn't 



i cant delete it??

Make sure you have the game closed before you try to delete it - otherwise, I can't think of any other reason you can't delete it.

i need to play more!


Muito maneiro. Vale a pena conferir!

I had way to much fun with this game!! Loved every second of it especially since the movie has now come out!!


Great game!! My little one loved it!!

Thanks for playing!

作者你可以告诉我这第九个红币99%red coin在哪,还有我怎么找到了176个金币101%golden coin?


Beautiful game! Loved every second of it.

Hell yes


this is the best game i have ever played. good job


This looks so fun! Awesome work!

this game is so looks so cool but i don't know how to play the game im new

Unzip the project somewhere and run Super.exe from the unzipped folder.

Or just use the launcher:

issue here, I get an error message saying "this app cant run on your pc", tried compatibility mode and i'm on windows 11

Did you unzip the project?


Then I'm not sure! Could be Windows Defender blocking it or something? Make sure your drivers and up to date, etc.




So freakin good!!!

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