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There is a bug (or user error, I'm unsure) where I cannot pass level one. After completion, I get my rating (an F, as always), but then after pressing 'enter' to go to the next level, but instead it opens the 'how to play' menu with the tutorial, and starts the level over. I assumed, since this is a game-jam game, that 1 level was all you had time for, but upon checking the comments I realize something is wrong.

Edit: I'm not deleting this for a record, but I looked again and it seems there is just one level. My mistake!

Yeah, because it was a jam I had no time to get in a working rating system, and the scripting was so rough that I only managed to get one level done! Hope you liked what you played anyway :)


I did enjoy it very much! 

how do i posses

Hold shift to leave your body and release it over an enemy guard to possess.



Pretty good all things considered, this cries out for more levels!


Good concept, would be good to see what more you can do with this. Press F to pay respects 


Nice game! I am not sure how to get a higher rank than F though. The concept is great for a game jam. I couldn't break it either which is a plus.