This game was created for Ludum Dare, you can see the results and feedback over on the Oil Patrol Ludum Dare page!


You've traveled far to pick up your dying father's medicine. Now you just need to bring it back home aboard your sledge. Unfortunately you only had enough fuel for a one way trip, now you need to rely on the flora and fauna to help you travel home.


WASD - Movement
SPACE (hold to charge)- Throw spear
R- Restart
ALT+ENTER- Fullscreen


  • Remember to charge your throws for maximum impact!
  • You move the sledge by standing near it
  • You can also return to the sledge to restock any spears that you may have lost


Oil Patrol was made entirely by Sean Noonan in 48 hours. The game was built in Construct 3 with pixel art created in a combination of Adobe Photoshop and PyxelEdit. Audio was created in BFXR, Adobe Audition and Labchirp.

I hope you enjoy the game, and please leave feedback over on the Ludum Dare page, I have every intention of coming back to this game and completing it. Sorry for the bugs!

@SeanNoonan / Noonan.Design

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorSean Noonan
Made withConstruct
Tags8-Bit, eskimo, inuit, ldjam39, lost, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 39, snow
LinksLudum Dare

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