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>Not available on Windows

Any chance you could head over to [Edit game] and then in the uploads section mark it as a windows executable? I'd like to install it using the itch app.


Done! Thanks for letting me know :)



I hope you eventually worked out the puzzle!

Thanks for playing :D


check out my gameplay if you would like? :D

Hey, thanks for playing! I hope your worked out the jump puzzle eventually :)

i actually delete evey game after i stop recording its just a habit :D


Likes the level design. Any plans for a future update? To bring the easter egg? ;)

(1 edit) (+1)

Yeah, I'd like to fix a couple of things - I'd like to remove some of the red herrings (where you thought you could place the runes, etc.). Some people have found it a little dark, so I'd also like to add a gamma slider.

Oh and of course I'd like to finish the easter egg too ;)